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Eco-Conscious Moms & Dads to Be (Series)

It’s common for moms and dads-to-be to place their attention primarily on things such as planning a time to get pregnant, choosing a birth center, and deciding how to decorate their baby’s nursery. Sometimes other important issues get neglected. Issues such as: why and how to detox their bodies (before getting pregnant), what to eat to enhance fertility, why and how to create a healthy emotional climate around birth, why to avoid surgically induced births, and why and how to create a baby nursery that is non-toxic. Before their child is born in a hospital, parents have some important decisions to make, such as whether or not to allow their newborn to be vaccinated, and whether or not to accept the (GMO) soy milk formulas that are given to new moms. This infographic series offers to provide lots of support for parents-to-be, who have the desire to create a pregnancy that is physically, emotionally, and spiritually nourishing, so they can have the best chance of giving birth to a healthy, happy baby.


Eco-Conscious Moms & Dads to Be


Includes the Following Infographics:

  • Babies in the Womb Are Ultra Conscious!
  • Is Your Body ‘Clean Enough’ to Conceive and Grow a Baby?
  • Eating to Enhance Your Fertility
  • Boost Your Fertility with Foods vs. Synthetic Vitamins
  • Nurturing Your Unborn Baby's Well-Being with Sound and Music
  • Why to Distance Yourself from EMF’s when you Breast Feed Your Baby!
  • Creating a Clean, Green Nursery for Your Baby-to-Be!
  • Diapering or ‘Not’ Diapering Your Baby’s ‘Tush’ The Eco-Conscious Way!
  • Why to Think Twice about Getting a C-Section
  • Why Do Conventional Doctors Push Vaccines?
  • In the Wake of Vaccine Destruction
  • Is There an Alternative to Vaccines, Doctor?


ECO MOMS & DADS TO - BE (Series)

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