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"Tabletop TUTORS™ represent a beautiful collection of 250+ colorful, text-rich infographics that offer you a convenient, easy, and fun way to learn about (and teach others about) the importance of healthy, non-toxic, sustainable living! Ready to become an Eco-Mentor in your home or community?!”

Candia Lea Cole


Why Every Home & Community Needs Tabletop TUTORS ™

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People Are Sick 

There is not a person or living thing alive on the earth today that is not experiencing one form or another of environmental illness. Over 50% of America's children suffer with chronic illness. Autism is on the rise, and so is Alzheimer's. Chemical exposures, nutritional deficiencies, and prescription drug overuse all play a role in the decline of our health.   

The Planet is Sick 


95% of the world's scientists believe that climate change is real. Not only is it real, it's downright scary! Factory farming is but one industry that contributes to this problem through cattle production, deforestation, the burning of fossil fuels, and pesticide use. Our lifestyle production system and our health care system also dump tons of toxic chemicals into the earth.  

We need to learn about what's HURTING our ecological health

and start making choices that can HEAL it!   

The Tabletop TUTORS™ Infographics Collection

Features 20  Categories of Lifestyle Topics! 

  1. Eco-Intelligent Lifestyle (Learn why to adopt an eco-conscious lifestyle rooted in simple abundance+ Gain insights about how to heal Affluenza and imagine a new American dream + Explore grounding, nature therapy, and news fasting, etc.)   

  2. Eco-Intelligent Eating Model (Discover why to farm green and eat clean + Explore 12 Food Groups + Learn how the processes used to bring food from farm to table creates eco-integration or dis-integration in your whole self and the whole earth.)    

  3. Earth Care (Explore the value and necessity of organic, Non GMO farming practices + Learn about seed saving, composting, bee preservation, and permaculture, etc.) 

  4. Where Does the Food You Eat Come From? (Get an inside look at the ways that dairy products, eggs, fish, and meats are produced, industrially and organically.)    

  5. Custom Dietary Choices (Explore the dietary choices that are available to meet your body’s changing needs, including: vegetarian, Paleo, GAPS, Chinese 5 Element, and more.)   

6.  Eco-Friendly Cookware & Culinary Inspiration (Create your eco-friendly kitchen and use non-toxic cooking utensils + Prep meals with purpose, adopt a culinary archetype, and create therapeutic meals from colors and seasonal ingredients, etc.)   

7. Essential Health Awareness (Learn why to hydrate for health, eat healthy forms of salt, and consume antioxidant-rich natural food colors + Balance your gut bacteria for health and weight management.)

8. Food & Mood Connection (Learn how beverages such as coffee and soda pop impact your energy and moods + Explore the health-giving foods that serve to balance your brain chemistry.)  

9. Sweeteners: Whole & Un-Whole (Learn about the multiple health issues that refined sugar, corn syrup, and fake sweeteners cause + Explore nature’s sugar substitutes, including their health benefits and culinary uses.)  

10. Fats: The Good, the Bad & the Ugly (Learn about the benefits of butter and ghee to brain, bone, and gut health + Explore the dark side of processed vegetable oils.)  

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11. Autism+ Brain/ Gut Health for All (Learn about how toxins, heavy metals, microbes, parasites, mold, and radiation impact  brain and gut health+ Explore low-inflammation diets, cannabis care, and healthy lifestyle practices that serve to improve  and heal the symptoms of autism spectrum, OCD, and ADHD, etc.) 

12. Wheat & Gluten Free Eating & Recipes (Be inspired to create healthy sandwiches, snacks, and baked goods, etc.) 

13. Soy & Dairy less Eating & Recipes (Explore the reasons that you or your family members can’t drink milk or eat soy products + Learn how to create dairy-free nut and seed cheeses, as well as nut milks.)

14. Whole Foods Recipes from Candia's Kitchen (Learn how to prepared healthy and delicious snacks, nut confections, puddings, beverages, meal salads, wraps, fritters, veggie burgers, baked goods, and more.)  

15.  Male & Female Hormone Health Balance (Learn why to avoid hormone disrupting chemicals+ Get insights about how to use vitamins, minerals, and herbs, to support hormonal balance the drug-free way.) 

16.    Eco-Conscious Moms & Dads–to-Be (Explore healthy birth planning, eating for fertility, pre-conception body cleansing +  EMF’avoidance, sound and music therapy for the unborn, green nursery planning, eco-conscious diapering, and conscious     breastfeeding, etc.)  

17.  Drug-less, Holistic Health Care (Holistic vs. conventional health care, holistic dentistry, Yin-Yang food therapy + scalar light energy for healing+ Holistic care for everyday ailments.) 

18.    Non-Toxic House Cleaning (Explore the reasons to green clean your home, make your own cleaning aids, and use plants for air filtration, etc.) 

19.    Non-Toxic Laundry and Eco-Friendly Clothing (Explore where your clothes come from and why they can be toxic to you and the environment+ Use eco-conscious methods and products to wash and dry your clothes, etc.) 

20.    Non-Toxic Beauty and Personal Care (Pamper your body the eco-conscious way, use clean feminine hygiene products,  deodorants, chemical-free perfumes, and beauty products, etc.)  



You can purchase the whole set of 250+ infographics, or you can purchase any one of the individual category sets. To learn about the special bonuses that are included with each option, please visit my store!

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Explore Different Uses for the Infographics!  

Print the graphics and insert into plastic sleeves for placement into a “show and tell” notebook. Laminate for use as dining table place mats; they make great conversation starters! Fasten the graphics to the door of your refrigerator with magnets. Enlarge the graphics and prop them on an easel for use at educational events. Give the TUTORS as gifts, along with gift basket items that complement the topics.

Note: If you are a professional licensed doctor, public school teacher, or the director of a public health or fitness center, who would like to distribute the product widely, you can purchase a license to use it. However, if you wish to sell the product, you must sign up to become an affiliate re-seller. There is no up-front fee for this option. Please contact me for more information about both options at:   

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