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Eco-Intelligent Lifestyle (Series) - Modern lifestyles can be hard on the environment and on your health. Have you ever considered your ecological footprint? How many resources you consume on a daily basis, and how much waste are you producing? Do our modern lifestyles really improve our well-being, or does the rat race for the American Dream set us up for pollution, hyper-consumerism, rampant unnecessary debt, and workaholism? Are we divorced from nature and the ability to appreciate simple abundance? Does your lifestyle foster community and connection, or does it isolate you in a sea of social media, personal devices, and being "plugged-in" 24/7? Are you inundated with news media scare tactics, or overwhelmed with negative news? An eco-intelligent lifestyle can help you address the harm caused by modern lifestyles, and change your legacy for the better. These infographics will educate you and your family about the pitfalls of modern lifestyles, and provide you with tools to embark on an eco-intelligent lifestyle of your own!


Eco-Intelligent Lifestyle (Series)


Includes the Following Graphics:

  • How Big Is Your Ecological Footprint?
  • Do You Suffer from "Affluenza?"
  • It's Time to Create the New American Dream!
  • Anxious or Depressed? Treat Your Brain to Nature!
  • Are You "Cooking" Your Brain with Your Cell Phone?
  • Are You Crowding Out the World with Your Cell Phone?
  • Is Network News Getting You Down?
  • Exploring the Antidote to Toxic TV News
  • Earthing for Screen Addicted Kids
  • 6 Principles of Eco-Intelligent Living
  • Listening to Oikos  


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