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Eco Intelligent Eating Model/ Farm To Table - In our modern dietary culture, standardized eating models such as the USDA Eating Model are used by schools and organizations to teach us about our requirements for good nutrition. But what if the kinds and the quantities of foods they advise us to eat are actually contributing to our ill health (and the planet's ill health) because of the toxic drugs, chemicals, hormones, and GE organisms that are used in their production? This infographic series introduces you to the "Eco-Intelligent Eating Model" - a model that supports organic farming, eco-friendly cooking, seasonal eating, and recycling. You'll also examine what an "Eco-Negligent Farming/ Eating Philosophy" is, and how it differs from an "Eco-Intelligent Farming/ Eating Philosophy." Do you eat to nourish the ecological well-being of your body and the Earth? Or, do you eat to starve it? The answer will be obvious to you, when you study the messages on these infographics. Do you want to learn about (or teach others about) the traditional whole foods that The Eco-Intelligent Eating ModelTM features, including their health benefits? If so, this collection of infographics has you covered!


Eco Intelligent Eating Model/ Farm To Table (Series)


Includes the Following 35 Infographics:

  • Eco-Intelligent Eating Model with Eco Tips
  • Eco-Intelligent Eating Model Philosophy
  • From Farm to Table: Organic Food Choices & Eco-Integration
  • Eco-Negligent Eating Philosophy
  • From Farm to Table: Industrial Food Choices & Eco-Disintegration


(Multiple graphics are featured with the following categories)

  • Whole Grains
  • Legumes & Sprouts
  • Herbs, Spices & Salt
  • Nuts, Seeds & Oils
  • Fruits & Veggies
  • Green Super Foods
  • Grass Fed Meats
  • Grass Fed Dairy
  • Fish & Sea Vegetables
  • Dairy Free Options
  • Grass Fed Eggs and Sweeteners
  • Pure Water
  • Plus Quizzes



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