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Autism + OCD+ ADHD Lifestyle Support (Series)Did you know that certain health conditions respond to the foods you eat? We've all heard that eating well can improve your health, preventing things like heart disease, diabetes, and even Alzheimer's. But the way you eat can also have a profound effect on modern day health conditions such as Autism, ADHD, Candida Yeast Syndrome, and "Leaky Gut." There may not be as obvious a link as, say, sugar and diabetes, but the connections between various foods and health issues do exist! There are foods that can exacerbate the unwanted symptoms of conditions like Candida, and, of course, ways of eating that starve those conditions, too. In this infographic series, you'll find lots of information on these connections. You'll also learn what gut permeability is, and get an idea of how inflammatory foods, anti-nutrients, stress, medications, environmental toxins, and gut flora worsen this condition. You hold the dietary key to keeping unwanted health conditions in check!


Includes the Following Graphics:


11-1 Parenting Autism

  •  What is Autism? (Piecing Together the Puzzle)
  • I'm the Parent of a Special Needs Child
  • It Takes a Village to Raise a Child with Autism
  • Do People with Autism Spectrum Communicate Like Dolphins?
  • I Am a Face on the Autism Spectrum


11-2 Autism Triggers

  • Are Your Child’s Brain Chemicals Misbehaving?
  • Does Your Child Have a Methylation Issue?
  • Does Your Child Suffer from Mast Cell Activation Syndrome?
  • Why Do Conventional Medical Docs Push Vaccines?
  • In the Wake of Destruction: Vaccine Injuries
  • Is There an Alternative to Vaccines, Doctor?
  • Are Heavy Metals Igniting a Fire Inside of Your (Child’s) Brain?
  • Has Your Child Been Affected by Mold Toxicity?
  • Do You Have the Symptoms of OCD?
  • What in the World Causes OCD?
  • 12 Radical Self-Care Tips for Managing the Symptoms of OCD


11-3 Correcting Inflammatory Diets & Eating Issues

  • Why Do Kids on the Spectrum Have Eating Issues?
  • Eating to Defeat Autism Spectrum
  • Creating Color Therapy Meals
  • Is Your Child Eating Foods That Excite Brain Cells to Death?
  • Is Your Child Eating ‘Anti-Nutrients’?
  • Salicylates: Your Dietary Friend or Foe?
  • Glutamates: Is Your Child Eating His or Her Way into a Neurological Health Issue?
  • Are the Lectins in Your Diet Hurting or Helping Your Health?
  • Are Opiates in Your Diet Stimulating Unhealthy Food Addictions?
  • Can an Oxalate Reduction Diet Help Kids on the Autism Spectrum?
  • Foods to Avoid when You’re Trying to Heal Chronic Illnesses
  • Should You Try the GAPS Diet?
  • Is Glyphosate Eroding Your Child’s Health?


11-4 Candida & Leaky Gut

  • Is Glyphosate Eroding Your Child’s Health?
  • Do You/Your Child Suffer from Gut Dysbiosis?
  • How Does Your Gut Bacteria Affect Your/Child’s Health?
  • What Is Leaky Gut Syndrome?
  • How Do You Heal Leaky Gut Syndrome?
  • What is Candida Yeast Syndrome?
  • Eating to Defeat Yeast Syndrome
  • Do Probiotics Have What It Takes to Cultivate a Healthy Gut Microbiome?


11-5 Cannabis & Super Food for Brain Health

  • Can Cannabis Help Kids with Autism?
  • Managing Autism with Medical Cannabis
  • Nourish Your Child’s Brain with Green Super Foods


11-6 Autism - ADHD - Lifestyle Support

  • Anxious or Depressed? Treat Your Brain to Nature!
  • Are You ‘Cooking’ Your Brain with Your Cell Phone?
  • Are You Crowding Out the World with Your Cell Phone?
  • Is Network News Getting You Down?
  • Exploring the Antidote to Toxic TV News
  • Earthing for Screen-Addicted Kids and Teens




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