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Non-Toxic Laundry & Eco-Friendly Clothing (Series) - Are the clothes you wear hurting the environment, or exploiting others in their manufacturing process? Have you heard about sweatshop conditions overseas (or even in the US!), or factory disasters, and wondered if your clothes are part of the problem? How do you know? How can you research the impact the clothes on your back have? And speaking of impact, what about the environmental impact - is the clothing manufacturer environmentally friendly? How about the way you wash your clothes? The infographics in this series will provide you with tools to understand the true cost of clothing manufacture and maintenance, both in terms of human exploitation and toxic environmental impact. You'll also learn about ways to lessen your impact by finding and choosing eco-friendly and non-toxic alternatives to conventional clothing and laundry methods.


Non-Toxic Laundry & Eco-Friendly Clothing


Includes the Following Infographics:

  • Where Do The Clothes on Your Back Come From?
  • Are You Dressed in Toxic Clothing?
  • Is Your Clothing Eco-Conscious?
  • Why to Green Clean Your Clothing!
  • 7 Easy Ways to ‘Green Wash’ Your Clothing
  • Is Your Laundry Soap Making You and the PlanetSick?



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