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Non-Toxic, Eco-Friendly House Cleaning (Series)Are the products you use to keep your house clean making you and your family ill? Is your cleaning arsenal stocked with poisons that have to be locked away for safekeeping when not in use? Even though conventional cleaners claim to be safe, they are jam-packed with toxic chemicals. Handling, storing, and using these chemicals can damage your health, and disposing of these chemicals damages the environment. Maybe you've heard about the dangers of conventional household cleaners, but aren't sure how to ditch them without sacrificing a clean house? The infographics in this series will explain the dangers of conventional cleansers and show you how to determine if your household cleansers are toxic. The infographics will also give you ideas and recipes for making your very own non-toxic, eco-friendly cleansers from common household staples like baking soda, vinegar and salt. Keep your home sparkling clean, without harming your family or the environment!


Non-Toxic, Eco-Friendly House Cleaning


Includes the Following Infographics:

  • Why to Green Clean Your Home!
  • How to Make Your Own Green Cleaning Aids
  • Ditch Your Toxic Air Fresheners for Plants
  • Have You Been Affected by Mold Toxicity?



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