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Essential Health Awareness (Series) - Do you want to take action to improve your health, but wonder where to even begin? Do you wonder if you're focused on the right things, or, if the things you're doing really make a difference? Or are you just looking for some solid information on specific ways you can improve your overall health? With so many things out there that can affect your health (for better or worse!), zeroing in on truly important factors can be difficult - -especially when there's so much information (and disinformation) out there. This infographic series addresses everything from drinking clean water (and avoiding dehydration), to eating the "right kind" of salt (and avoiding salt deficiencies), and cultivating "good" gut microflora, which helps to strengthen your immune system and balance your weight! You'll also get the scoop on why to avoid toxic food dyes and incorporate healthy, natural, un-dyed foods in your diet.


Essential Health Awareness (Series)


Includes the Following Infographics:

  • Hydrate for Health, Harmonize with the Environment
  • Why to Eat (The Right Kind of) Salt
  • Are the Colors in Your Meal Real or Fake?
  • Do the Bugs in Your Gut Make You Skinny or Fat?
  • Do Probiotics Have What It Takes to Cultivate a Healthy Gut & Microbiome?
  • Plus Quizzes



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