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Eco-Friendly Cookware & Culinary Inspiration (Series) - Did you know that the cookware you use on a daily basis can actually affect your health as well as the health of animals and ecosystems? That's right! In fact, the tools that you use to prepare your everyday meals is most likely contributing to the size and scope of the ecological footprint that we're leaving on the earth today, when you consider the amount of energy that's used to produce industrially mined cookware substances. In this poster series, you'll learn about sustainable and biodegradable materials that are being used by many manufacturers today, to make healthy eco-friendly cookware. You'll also gain awareness about why you should not cook with (toxic) Teflon pans and why you should avoid microwave ovens, if you want to avoid damaging your health on a cellular level! Getting inspired to cook, you'll discover, is about making cooking "an effort of the soul" versus "a menial chore." It's about viewing cooking utensils as "tools" of personal (and planetary) transformation, eating in harmony with the four seasons, harnessing the healing power of foods, and "eating the rainbow" to create therapeutic meals!


Eco-Friendly Cookware & Culinary Inspiration (Series)


Includes the Following Infographics:

  • Are You an Eco-Conscious Cook?
  • Choosing Eco-Conscious Cookware
  • Why & How to Create a Sacred Kitchen
  • Turning the Act of Cooking Into Soul Effort
  • Eating with the Seasons, a Way to Stay Balanced
  • Creating a Therapeutic Meal with Color Rays that Heal!
  • Empower Yourself in the Kitchen (Adopt a Culinary Archetype!)
  • Is Your Microwave Oven "Zapping" Your Health?
  • Plus Quizzes



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