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Drugless, Holistic Health Care (Series)

Who do you turn to for help, when you get sick? Do you turn to western allopathic doctors for a “quick fix?” Or, do you turn to doctors who practice holistic health care, and who encourage you to be an active life-long participant in your healing process? Chronic health conditions weigh heavily on our global society as a whole, but we can make huge strides in improving our health care by preventing illnesses before they begin. In this infographic series, you’ll learn that the ultimate goal of a health care system should be to provide holistic support in virtually all aspects of our lives. You’ll learn that, because illness is often the result of imbalances and deficiencies within our bodies, minds, emotions, and spirits, it is our personal responsibility to address all of the parts of our being that seek nurturance and healing. We can save money on medical bills and ease the stress on our health care system when we adopt a mindset that says: “It’s important that I function as an active participant in my health care, because doctors alone can’t cure what ails me.”


Drugless, Holistic Health Care


Includes the Following Infographics:

  • Holistic Health Care vs. Conventional Medicine
  • Is Your Dentist Eco-Friendly?
  • Heal Your Teeth and Gums Naturally
  • Why Conventional Docs Push Vaccines
  • Vaccines: In the Wake of Destruction
  • Homeoprophylaxis: A Tried and True Alternative to Vaccines
  • Can Cannabis Help Kids with Autism?
  • Managing Autism Symptoms with Cannabis
  • Chinese 5 Element Nutrition Therapy
  • The Yin and Yang of Healthy Eating
  • Use Your Meal to Heal with Culinary Herbs
  • Use Your Meal to Heal with Culinary Spices
  • Do You Suffer from Mast Cell Activation Syndrome?
  • Have You Been Affected by Mold Toxicity?
  • Do You or Your Child Have a Methylation Issue?
  • Do You Have OCD or OCSPD?
  • What in the World Causes OCD?
  • 12 Radical Self Care Tips for Managing the Symptoms of OCD
  • Do Probiotics Have What it takes to Cultivate Your Gut Microbiome?
  • Enhance Your Life Force with Scalar Light
  • (Coming Soon) Holistic Care for Everyday Ailments



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