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Dairy-Less Soy-Less Eating & Recipes (Series) - Are you, or a loved one, lactose intolerant? Or, are you looking for healthy, humane alternatives to conventional dairy products? Maybe you've tried soy dairy replacements (or other soy products like tofu and TVP), but aren't sure about their safety and health values? Milk is nature's first food, but many people naturally lose the ability to digest milk as they grow older, leading to lactose sensitivity and intolerance. Others object to the deplorable factory farm conditions conventional dairy cows endure and refuse to buy conventional dairy products on those grounds. In addition, medical research has shown that factory farmed conventional dairy products are linked to a host of health concerns, including everything from salmonella poisoning (due to contamination) to heart disease, obesity, diabetes, and more. In this infographic series, you'll discover the wide world of dairy-free options available to you and your family. You'll find great information on why you should rethink soy products in your family's diet. You'll also explore the ins and outs of raw milk, and learn how to prepare non-dairy, non-soy recipes like gourmet nut milks, seed yogurt, and savory herb spiced nut and seed cheeses!


Dairy-Less Soy-Less Eating & Recipes


Includes the Following Infographics:

  • Should You Rethink Soy?
  • Is it Time to Adopt a Casein-Free Diet?
  • Why Can’t I Eat Dairy Products?
  • The Story of Raw Milk
  • The Eco-Friendly Benefits of Raw Milk
  • Say “Cheese!” How to Make Tasty, Nutritious, Nut & Seed Cheeses
  • How to Make Delicious Dairy-Free Nut & Seed Yogurt
  • How to Make a Delicious Nutmilk in 5 Easy Steps



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