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Custom Dietary Choices (Series) - Are you curious about vegetarian eating, or about following the paleo diet? While those two ways of eating might seem like polar opposites, they actually have a lot in common, with a focus on high quality, organic, cruelty-free whole foods that are raised without harmful practices and substances. Both diets have a strong focus on balancing the food you eat to better meet your body's nutritional needs, and by virtue of the high-quality, whole, organic foods vegetarians and paleo folks eat, both naturally result in a more ethical, humane, ecologically friendly lifestyle. Speaking of balance, do you know the difference between yin foods and yang foods, and how they affect your energy, mood, and health? Understanding yin foods (cooling) and yang foods (warming) can help your body maintain peak health by balancing energies. Conditions characterized by excess yin energy can be addressed by eating foods that fall into the yang side of the equation, and vice versa!


Custom Dietary Choices (Series)


Includes the Following Infographics:

  • I'm A Health Loving, Eco-Conscious Vegetarian
  • Ten Eco Reasons for Eating One Veg Meal a Week
  • The Paleo Diet Is Ancestor Approved!
  • What's on a Paleo Plate?
  • Chinese 5 Element Nutrition
  • The Yin & Yang of Healthful Eating
  • Should You Try The GAPS Diet?
  • The Eco-Intelligent Eating Model
  • Plus Quizzes



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